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Dana Linn Bailey Training Chest

December 18th 2010, we decided to film our chest workout and a little post workout meal at the diner. Typically I start my workouts pretty intense and heavy with traditional lifting. I will usually start with some sort of press, either bench or dumbbells to really get the blood moving at the beginning of my workout. After getting through my different presses, I will switch over to using the isolator to really focus and isolate my chest. I like using the isolator with most of my flys because I have better ROM and can really focus on squeezing at the top to get that nice separation. If you have not checked out the isolator yet PLEASE DO. This product is awesome for true muscle isolation.
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Dana linn Bailey dance party photoshoot

We had a shoot tonight at Golds Gym after hours....and a photo shoot dance party broke out to the song black & yellow. Love that song!! I think I might have a future as a back up dancer, what do you think? haha!

Dana linn Bailey gym photo shoot with Reg Bradford

Little video of me shooting in the gym again with Reg Bradford! Look out for the WHITE POWER RANGER!!!!!!

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